Diabetes Education

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder caused by total lack of or insufficient production of insulin or inferior quality of insulin in the body. Individuals affected by diabetes need to learn self-management skills & adopt life style changes to manager diabetes effectively and avoid or delay the complications associated with this disorder. The purpose of diabetes education is to dispel myths and to make information clear, concise and practical. Audio-visual training will be imparted in self management skills including self administration of insulin, self monitoring tests like blood glucose & urine testing.

Nutrition & Diet Counselling

Individualised diet counselling is carried out by trained dieticians in the patients’ regional language. Nutritional assessment of the patient is done and advice is given based on this and the life style of the patient. They are helped to adopt healthy eating practices over a period of time. Difficulties in adhering to the prescribed diet regime are discussed during every visit and practical suggestions are given.  

Trained dietitians in consultation with the Doctor prepare meal charts for patients. Basic information about diet in diabetes is provided to all the patients and additional informative material is provided as per the needs of the patient. Any other diet related queries are also answered over the phone and e-mails. Recipe booklets and other informative pamphlets are also available for the patient. 


We have taken extra care to ensure that our laboratory has been furnished with the most advanced technology and machines.  A Fully automated random access Bio Chemistry Analyzer & fully automated cell counter & electrolyte Analyzer ensure 100% reliable & verifiable test results. All tests including HbA1c are performed conforming to international standards. In order to ensure continued quality in service, we are enrolled with the Christian Mission Hospital (CMC) Vellore and Bio-Rad Laboratories (US Based) in External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS). This guarantees that you not only get your results on time but that it is also accurate. 

Foot Clinic

Diabetic Neuropathy is the most common but neglected complication of Diabetes. In the Foot Clinic, we conduct Biothesiometry & Doppler tests assessing the blood flow in the arteries & veins and checking the blood pressure in both the limbs to screen for Peripheral Vascular disease, Neuropathy and infection. Additional Podio Scans help doctors to diagnose the pressure points in the foot and are vital in preventing amputation.


Patients with complaints such as burning sensation in the feet, numbness in the feet and presence of cracks in the feet are referred to this unit. The pedicurist provides the necessary specialized services & also educates the patient about foot care including pedicure measures to be carried out daily at home.


Gingivitis & gum infections are very common amongst diabetic patients. A Diabetologist must certify a patient’s readiness for tooth extraction. The clinic has a full equipped Dentistry under a qualified Dentist.

Eye Care

The clinic's Optometrist performs a preliminary examination with a Slitlamp, Retinoscope Refraction, Fundus examination and also provides counseling for DR changes. All this is part of our inclusive diabetic checkup.  


Our in-house Pharmacy has the necessary medication related to Diabetes & BP, glucose monitoring instruments and strips for your easy purchase. 

Electro Cardio Graphy (ECG)

This unit has a fully automated 3 channel ECG machine. The ECG technician explains to the patients about the procedure and ensures that the recording of ECG is carried out without any discomfort to the patient.

Electronic Data Processing

After registration all the procedures are operated through a structured computer network system. This includes appointments, registration, medical records, requisitions for lab tests, patient billing, laboratory results, patient prescription,diet charts,administrative and financial accounting, etc. The computer also analyses and stores information such as case summary, lab results summary. Data is also stored and retrieved for statistical analysis.

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